Nintendo 3DS' augmented reality line-up leaked

Nintendo has remained relatively tipped lip about the 3DS' augmented reality strategy, but thanks to an anonymous leak over at Wired, we now have a better ideaof how the company plans to support one ofits system's mostunique features.

Above:Leakedphoto of Nintendo's unnamedAR fishing game. Unless it really is called "Fishing"

According to Wired's story, Nintendo is readying five AR Games to launch with the 3DS. Included in this leaked list are previously announced titles such as Star Pics, which turns illustrated cards into playable 3D models, and Mii Pics, which brings a player's avatar to life in much the same fashion. Of the unannounced titles, the tipster told Wired Nintendo is also planning a combination pool and mini-golf game called AR Shot, a fishing title, and a 3D drawing application.

Above: AR Shotrevealed to the worldingloriousblur-o-vision

All AR games willutilize the system's 3D cameras to overlay three-dimensional objects onto real-world environments, whichcan then bemanipulated using a combination of touchscreen and gyroscope controls.The 3DS will ship with some of the aforementioned games already loaded on the system, but it is still unclear if all five will make the cut. Regardless, it is reported that all 3DS units will ship with Star Cards to get the AR party started.GR's own Brett Elston had a quick hands-on with the AR functionality back in January - read his thoughts on it and other 3DS goodshere.

The Nintendo 3DS arrives in Japan this Saturday, in the UK on March 25th, and (finally!) in North America on March 27th.


Feb 23, 2011

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