NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

We've been waiting a good 11 years for any NiGHTS info at all, so it's easy to consider 2007 a pretty fulfilling year so far. First were the rumors that gender neutral jester extraordinaire Nights was coming to Wii. Then kinda-sorta confirmation appeared in magazines across Europe, and finally a full disclosure earlier this month. And now, after sifting through magazines trying to find screens to gawk at, we have the first wave of images ready for your perusal. Just hit the Images tab above to see 'em all.

An earlierinterviewwith NiGHTS frontman Takeshi Iizuka exposed further light on the subject, so please, once you're done scoping out the screens, head on over and see what juicy tidbits he left for us to chew on.

April 24, 2007