Night in the Woods dev says loyal fans thought someone stole his cat artwork to make Revenant Hill

Revenant Hill
(Image credit: The Glory Society)

A developer on Night in the Woods received messages from fans asking whether the recently-announced Revenant Hill featured stolen artwork from them - after fans didn't realize they were designed by the same person. 

Scott Benson, the founder of Infinite Fall - developer of Night in the Woods - has shared that: "A few people have alerted me that this game [Revenant Hill] that was just announced has a cat that looks suspiciously like something I'd draw and I'd like to say thank you, vigilant heroes, you may stand down." 

The confusion lies in the fact that Revenant Hill looks like Night in the Woods, but is developed by The Glory Society. If you weren't aware that The Glory Society was Benson's new studio, you'd be forgiven for thinking that someone was trying to copy Benson's now iconic cat design. Luckily, it's just more of Benson's work made by a different group of people. 

If you missed it, Revenant Hill was announced during the PlayStation Showcase earlier this week and, as the tweet above suggests, it features a very similar art style to Night in the Woods. Don't get the wrong idea though, this is a completely different game made by a brand-new studio and isn't connected to the 2017 title at all. The only thing currently linking these games is that both feature a playable cat in the form of Mae Borowski and newcomer Twigs. 

We don't quite have a release date for Revenant Hill just yet, all we know is that it's due to release sometime in 2024. Thankfully, we do have a rough outline of the kind of things players will be up to when the time comes. According to the PlayStation Blog, Revenant Hill is set in 1919 and will see players take on the role of Twigs the Cat as they work towards becoming a Witch's familiar and build a community around them. 

If you need something to play while we wait for Revenant Hill, Fall of the Porcupine is due to release next month - and it has very Night in the Woods vibes. 

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