Nick Spencer Amazing Spider-Man finale hits delays

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On Friday, Marvel announced that long-time Amazing Spider-Man writer Nick Spencer was ending his three-year run this fall with Amazing Spider-Man #74. Then, over the weekend the publisher informed retailers that some of those final issues have been delayed from the originally announced release dates.

While the next two issues remain on schedule, Amazing Spider-Man #71 through #73 have all had schedule setbacks. Additionally, three of the four issues of the upcoming tie-in series Sinister War (also written by Spencer) have been postponed.

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Here's the revised upcoming schedule:

Even with Ed Brisson being called in to co-write some of Amazing Spider-Man, you can see from the schedule it's a pretty busy season for Spencer - 10 comic books over 13 weeks. That's not to mention that the last, Amazing Spider-Man #74, will be four times the traditional size at 80 pages.

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Spencer's finale isn't until September however, with loads of issues from this week's Amazing Spider-Man #69 as part of the 'Chameleon Conspiracy' arc to the upcoming 'Sinister War' arc (and the tie-in limited series, also by Spencer) all scheduled to arrive before Amazing Spider-Man #74's big ending, titled 'What Cost Victory.'

Nick Spencer's three-year run on Amazing Spider-Man will count issues #1 through #74 of the main title. But Spencer's run also counts his kick-off issue - 2018's FCBD Special - as well as the many annuals, tie-ins, .1 issues, and more that tied-into his run - which tally well over a 100 issues when added up.

"From #1 all the way through #74, Nick (along with Ryan Ottley, Humberto Ramos, Patrick Gleason, Mark Bagley and more) has gone huge with more villains, more supporting characters, and more punishment for Peter Parker," longtime Spider-Man group editor Nick Lowe said when Spencer's departure was announced. "From 'Hunted' to 'Sins Rising' to 'Last Remains' to 'King's Ransom' to 'Sinister War' and now to the ultra-sized finale 'What Cost Victory' Nick will bring his web-slinging rollercoaster ride back into the station in a way you’ll never forget!"

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