NFL Street 3 - hands-on

In fact, being able to jump anywhere in the game is wonderful. Leap off from the ground and send a pass over defenders for some style points and to get a little extra angle, or jump over a diving defender. Barrels, crates and other street junk scattered around the ten street fields act as launchers, or run up a wall at speed and take a flying leap from there. Power-ups hidden, um, in plain sight over the field can change the tempo of a game very quickly. Tack a Game Breaker onto a jump and it becomes a crowd-clearing double jump, which from anywhere on the field can be devastating.

That's right - the Game Breakers are in real time now, so you can fire off these power boosts whenever you like, on offense or defense. Send a pass piercing your opponent's lines and bowl down a receiver; double-jump over an entire line; blow off defenders like a god or send a defensive player literally rocketing through to get the tackle - it all happens without a break in the action, which makes the game vastly more immersive. And it's possible to react quickly and counter a Game Breaker with one of your own for the ultimate shutdown.