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NFL Street 3 review

The NFL gets nasty, with bone-crushing hits, superhuman abilities, and no pads


  • Running along walls
  • Erasing opponent's plays
  • New modes (esp. Playbook Elimination)


  • Imprecise special controls
  • Monotonous gameplay and audio
  • Tons of broken tackles

If 'roids, rules, refs and paychecks weren't an issue, professional football matches might look a little something like NFL Street 3. The latest game in the franchise once again lets you play as beefed-up cartoon versions of pro footballers knocking heads in 7-on-7 helmet-less matches set in the back streets, lots, alleys and hangars across the US. It looks and plays a bit too much like the roughly two year-old NFL Street 2, but it still hits hard.

As with previous games in the series, NFL Street 3 shrinks the playbook to de-emphasize strategy and tosses out real world simulation in favor of faster-paced, arcade-style action. Your favorite pro ballers will run along walls, vault 15 feet into the air to heave or snag a pass, and toss the ball laterally to a teammate just before a tackle with alarming frequency.

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DescriptionThe NFL's finest take to the air with a new jump move and floating power-ups over the scruffy fields. Are you ready for some football?
US censor rating"Everyone","Everyone"
UK censor rating"",""