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NFL Street 3 - hands-on

NFL Street is football for adrenaline junkies - all the thrills, none of the complicated strategy. With the third installment in the franchise, EA's hoping a few changes and additions will it be enough to give Street some of the hard-core fan support that EA's Madden franchise enjoys.

The sheer joy of the closer-and-closer-to-Blitz-style gameplay will help. In a world of bulked-up, cartoonish NFL stars battling it out in alleyways and airplane hangars, action rules. Both of the big boosts to NFL Street 3 support that approach: a new jump move and momentum-shifting Game Breakers on demand put more power into the hands of the players. Flinging your players into the sky to grab floating icons and sending a pass ripping through defenders to send your receiver plunging to the ground in real time definitely feels fun to us.