Next Resident Evil heading to China, says voice actress's resume

If a random resume from a voice actress is to be believed (and, odds are, it is), the next Resident Evil game is heading to China. The resume of Wendy Mok was dug up, and includes a number of videogame credits including work on True Crime Hong Kong, Dead Island, and, most importantly, Resident Evil 6. Her Resident Evil 6 credit is listed as "Chinese villager/zombie," pointing towards a Chinese location for the next game in the series, which would fit into Resident Evil's recent trend of globetrotting and giving the series' Caucasian protagonists non-Caucasian villagers to punch in the face.

Above: You're going to shoot her in the head and something is going to crawl out

It's obviously unconfirmed, and Capcom isn't talking, though we'd argue that Wendy Mok has less of a reason to lie than the game's developer. Odds are Capcom is going to keep quiet until it's ready to completely unveil the game, which could be... well, with Capcom, it could be whenever. Generally, the publisher seems to work on its own schedule, as is evident by its focus on Q1 and Q2 releases over jamming everything into the fourth quarter, so they really could reveal the game at any time without anyone being all that surprised. We're hoping it's sooner than later, though, just because we want to find out what the heck is going to become of the classic series.

Hollander Cooper

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