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Next-gen Star Wars video

You must click the Movies tab above. You must bear witness to the most amazing video for any Star Wars game ever (and, yes, that includes the Lego Star Wars videos that combine Yoda's head with Leia's golden bikini-clad torso). Keep in mind that this video (leaked a week ago on YouTube and now released officially by LucasArts as the mother of all teasers) is what gaming industry-heads call "target video" and so is not actually of any in-game footage or a tech-demo as previously reported, but who cares about that... if this is what they're shooting for, consider us sold already.

Viewers down with the Force may wonder why the traditionally good-hearted Jedi employs the notoriously evil, dark side electrocution - LucasArts remains nebulous on this issue stating simply, "This will all make sense as you learn more about the game..." Details are scant (mostly because the game barely exists except as a faint glimmer in Lucas' eye), but what we do know is that this new next-gen Star Wars title will take place between Episodes III and IV and "places a strong emphasis on unleashing the force." Watch the video and join us in proclaiming LucasArts the lord of understatement.

August 8, 2006