Newly-acquired PlayStation studio Firesprite hiring for game with "AAA ambitions"

The Persistence
(Image credit: Firesprite)

PlayStation studio Firesprite is developing a new game with "AAA ambitions."

Earlier today on November 1, Firesprite senior narrative designer Danny Wadeson posted the tweet just below, declaring that the U.K.-based developer was on the hunt for a new senior writer. Heading over to the page Wadeson links to, Firesprite's new game is described as having "AAA ambitions" with a "heavy focus on art, animation, and delivering unique character performances."

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This sure sounds like Firesprite is working on a different calibre of game than it has done before. If you're unfamiliar with the history of the studio in Liverpool, they previously co-created The Playroom VR for PSVR, as well as partnering with Roberts Space Industries on the development of Star Citizen. Most recently, Firesprite released sci-fi horror game The Persistence, which was originally released for PS VR in 2018.

Since then though, the developer has actually been acquired by Sony, to add to its evolving PlayStation Worldwide Studios umbrella. Firesprite was purchased by PlayStation back in September 2021, and shortly thereafter, it was revealed by the development studio that they were busy working on three projects for new-gen consoles. Now that the developer has been acquired by Sony, it's easy to see why their new game has "AAA ambitions."

No matter what Firesprite is working on, it sounds like it's going to be a narrative-heavy game, with an eye-catching art style, if all goes to plan throughout development. For more on Firesprite's development philosophy, and why they were so open to being acquired by Sony, you can check out our full Firesprite interview with the developers themselves for more. 

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