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New(ish) Batman: Arkham City screens show kickass weapon takedowns and Hugo Strange

We loved Batman’s ass-kicking, slow-mo takedowns in Arkham Asylum. Hell, we just plain adored the whole fighting system. So the good news is, combat looks like it will be even more amazitron in Arkham City, with new screens revealing Bats nailing multiple enemies at once. Oh, and totally using a ripped-off door to deal out some spandex-sponsored justice.

Above: Who needs a Batarang when you've got the modern wonder of a metal door?

Above: Batman disarms a no gooder with his subtle wit and charm

Above: Triple takedowns, you say? Hells yes, we say

Above: This shot was released last week. So we're late, but we justhad togive props to the evil beard

Source: CVG

Dec 21, 2010