New version of Talisman

So, there I was, doing editor stuff like authorising invoices and approving pages, when a package turns up for me to sign for. Turns out to be a fresh boxed version of Talisman, the classic fantasy board game, due to be re-released by Games Workshop's Black Industries division on 29 September this year.

You can watch the official trailer on YouTube, although (it being a boardgame) there's not much to see other than some nice fantasy art: YouTube link .

I was ridiculously excited by this, and not just because it distracted me from the paperwork. We knew that an updated version was due (they announced it in January and it was played at June's Games Expo) but I'd managed to lose track of time, and now here it is, a posh new edition of a game that I've spent many happy hours playing during my life.

The game was first launched in 1983, when Bob Harris sold the idea to a fledgling Games Workshop. He designed it to deliver all the excitement of a Dungeons and Dragons session, but in a quicker, more structured format. If you're in the dark about this game, or you do remember it and fancy a nostalgia blast, here are some links:

Black Industries' official site

Wikipedia entry

Talisman Land

Bob Harris' personal recollection

If you enjoy this sort of thing, and fondly remember other fantasy classics of the time, then you might be interested in our Fighting Fantasy feature in issue 160 of SFX, on sale Wednesday 1 August.

Right, I'm off back to doing editor stuff. Although I'll be dreaming about fighting dragons and turning my enemies into toads.

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