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Don't let your brain go to waste - why not use those SF-loaded synapses for the betterment of mankind. Every month the SFXperts mailbag is chock-a-block with queries posed by your fellow readers, and some we open out to you to show how much you know about science fiction and fantasy. Supplying the best answer of the month can be your route to getting your words in SFX. Not only that, but we’ll print your picture and give you a little prize from the SFX grotto of delights.

If you know one (or even all) of the answers to these questions, put together a fact-packed, informative answer, 150 words per answer, grab a colour photo of yourself (it needs to be at least 350 pixels across) and send it to , marking the subject header I’m an SFXpert !

The game is afoot! This month’s questions (sent to us by readers) are:

Question 1

About 20 odd years ago I read a comic, possibly Spider-Man, Batman, Superman or possibly something else altogether, and the story went like this: a low rent supervillain spent the entire story hatching a plan to defeat the superhero. Then at the end of the story he confronts the hero who floors him with a single punch. End of story, quite original, quite funny. Would love to know what this comic was!

Question 2

I remember watching this movie on TV back when I was a kid, probably 20-25 years ago. It was about a young boy who stowed away on a rocket going to the moon. There was a scene where one of the astronauts got sick and the boy got on the radio to mission control, who talked him through the process of using a vacuum-cleaner type doodad to get the puke out of the astronaut's space helmet. I think there was also a scene where the boy was describing the dark side of the moon to the astronaut who was too sick to get to the window and look himself.

Question 3

I am desperately trying to identify the memories of a book I read as a teenager. I will be 40this Friday and, clearly, middle-aged amnesia is hitting hard!

The book was a science fiction book (in fact there were two - the first two in the series and giving hints that there would one day be a third or more) about a space pilot who had himself illegally augmented a la Owen Deathstalker's boost. He appears to be a normal human until he activates his augments and then he's gifted with super-speed, enhanced sight, and a set of talons. Probably other stuff too, but I can't remember! I do recall that his name is Michael (at least, I think it is!).

As far as I can recall, I picked these books up in the super cheap 49p basket at the local 7-11 shop (but that's where I found Larry Niven's Dream Park, too, so...) which means you might have a hard time identifying it. But, if you could, I would be so grateful and spared further madness as I try in vain to find it!

Question 4
I remember reading a book when I was a child that had illustrations that were part holograms - kind of multi-coloured 3D images. The book was an adventure story and I remember one picture of the main character looking into a puddle on the ground and seeing some sort of sub aquatic city. Any ideas what it was?

Question 5
I am going mad trying to remember the name of a time-travel film that i saw about 25 years ago. It started with some kind of plague breaking out in America. Two people go back in time and appear on a busy walkway and attempt to find a cure from a doctor who had some kind of success with a similar plague.
Also,there was a scene where the travellers are shown a bronze arrowhead that was taken from a previous time-traveller who missed his departure time - with fatal consequences.

Remember, these were sent to us by other readers who are eagerly awaiting your responses. If you know what they're talking about, you could feature in our Ask The SFXperts page in the mag. Get in touch .

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