New Doctor Who book teases future episodes

Today we received a copy of BBC Books' latest Doctor Who release, Gary Russell's Doctor Who: The Encyclopedia, which hits the shops on 4 October (RRP £14.99). This lavishly illustrated 192-page hardback provides an alphabetical reference in everything that's appeared in the new series, from "0207 946000" (the phone number people should call if they have information about Rose Tyler's disappearance!) to "Zybamen" (that's what Jackie Tyler mistakenly called the Cybermen!)

But the really interesting bit comes at the end of the introduction, where Gary Russell mischievously says "should there be an update of this book in the distant future, here is a list of words and phrases that might become entries in that next edition"...

Here's a list of those "possible future entries" - presumably, all things that are included in the scripts for season four or Christmas special "Voyage of the Damned". We've added explanations of a few of the terms.

Adipose [tissue made up mainly of fat cells]
Blyton, Enid [the Famous Five author!]
Caravaggio, Daniel [ not the painter! His first name was Michelangelo...]
Century House [there's a well-known building in Vancouver called this, but we're guessing that's entirely coincidental]
Chandrakala, Miss
Foss Street
Gray, Private
ICAPS [probably not The International Conference on Automated Planning & Scheduling... unless it's a really dull episode!]
Major Domo [dictionary definition: "The head steward or butler in the household of a sovereign or great noble"]
Noble Corporation PLC Limited - Intergalactic [Hey, isn't Donna's surname Noble?]
Passenger 57 [the Wesley Snipes movie about terrorists taking control of a jet?! Huh? Maybe it's Donna's favourite film...]
Peth, Astrid
Rattigan, Mrs
Red Widow, The [a character name? Or a type of spider?]
Scoles, Mr [can't be ginger footballer Paul, sadly, cos it's spelt wrong...]
Sense-Sphere [that's the homeworld of The Sensorites, from the 1964 William Hartnell story. Which makes sense, since Russell T Davies has said that the Ood's home planet is close to the Sense-Sphere]
Sibylline Oracles [a complicated one to explain - read more
here ]
Silicon Valley [the high-tech-business sector in California, of course]
Skree, Lt
Spartacus [the gladiator-slave who led an uprising against the Romans. Anyone get the feeling there's going to be a Roman episode?]
Spectre Inspectre
Vespiform [means "wasp-like", basically]

Intriguing, huh? We're now really looking forward to the episode where Enid Blyton rides a unicorn through Silicon Valley, pursued by giant alien wasps!

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