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New Zone of the Enders project dismantled

Hideo Kojima has scuttled the team responsible for the next Zone of the Enders game. Kojima delivered the news on his HideoBlog podcast (via Siliconera), saying he wants to re-evaluate the franchise and fan expectations before continuing.

"Project Ender" was announced last May, but we'd heard little more about its progress since then. Now we know its development team at Kojima Productions has been dismantled and merged back into the studio proper.

The re-evaluation was prompted by negative feedback about Zone of the Enders HD Collection, which some players reported had choppier performance than the PlayStation 2 originals. The development team plans to release a big patch to bring performance up to snuff on PlayStation 3, but it's not planned for the Xbox 360 version at the moment.

Kojima isn't sure enough people still want another Zone of the Enders 10 years after The 2nd Runner. What do you think?

Connor Sheridan
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