New Xbox Series X expansion cards from Seagate revealed

Seagate Xbox Series X Expansion Cards
(Image credit: Xbox)

Xbox has unveiled two brand new hard drive expansion cards for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. 

Announced just earlier today on the Xbox Wire, two official Seagate expansion cards will soon be available at an unspecified date for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. These two new expansion cards from Seagate come in either 512GB or 2TB variants, so there's plenty of room either way to expand the storage of both new-gen consoles from Xbox.

As for the price point, you might have to shell out a fair bit. Across the U.S. at least, the 512GB variant of the new Seagate expansion card will retail for $139.99, while the humongous 2TB expansion card will retail for an equally staggering $399.99. That's more than an entire Xbox Series S.

As these are official expansion cards for both new-gen Xbox machines, there's some nice bonuses to them. The Xbox Wire posts reveal that backwards compatible games will see significant improvements in terms of load times whenever you have them installed through either new Seagate expansion card, and are playing them on either new-gen Xbox console.

It's obviously worth mentioning that these aren't the only official expansion cards for both new Xbox consoles. Previously, Seagate revealed the official 1TB expansion card, which currently retails for $219.99, perfectly positioned to fit right in between the two new cards in terms of both size and price. If you're not wanting to shell out huge amounts for a new expansion, this card might still be your best bet.

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