What If…Miles Morales #1 preview - Aaron Davis is KIA in Russia

What If…Miles Morales #1
What If…Miles Morales #1 art (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Miles Morales famously stepped up to become Spider-Man in the wake of an alt-universe Peter Parker's death, and this March 2 he'll be stepping up to take over another Marvel mantle: Captain America.

What If ... Miles Morales #1 main cover by Sara Pichelli (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

In the first issue of the five-issue series What If…Miles Morales (which Newsarama has got a preview of below), writer Cody Ziglar and artist Paco Medina are imagining a new Marvel universe where Miles Morales is recruited by the US government to become Captain America. That would be a big change - not just in overlooking Steve Rogers, but also in the time disparity - given Miles Morales was over 60 years from being born when the US Government began its program to create Captain America.

That's an interesting fit given Miles Morales' upbringing, and the possible connection to the Tuskegee Experiments - which inspired the creation of Isaiah Bradley in the seminal 2003 series Truth: Red, White & Black.

This is the second major Marvel What If…? comic series announced coinciding with the Disney Plus series of the same name. What If… Miles Morales follows the recent Spider-Man: The Spider's Shadow series (by new Batman writer Chip Zdarsky) that shows a world where Peter Parker never gave up the Venom symbiote.

Here's that preview of the first five pages:

Miles Morales co-creator Sara Pichelli has returned to draw the primary cover for What If…Miles Morales #1, with variants planned by Iban Coello (two variants), Kaare Andrews, Humberto Ramos, Taurin Clarke, and Brian Stelfreeze. Check out all of the What If…Miles Morales #1 variant covers released so far here:

What If…Miles Morales #1 (of 5) goes on sale on March 2.

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