New Unreal title for Xbox

Microsoft have announced that a new Unreal game is currently being developed for Xbox by series creators Epic Games. While Unreal Championship 2: Liandri Conflict will have some additional game modes over its predecessor's offering, Epic appear to be concentrating their efforts on the playable characters.

The most dramatic shift in player control is that you will be able to switch from Unreal's traditional first-person view to a new third-person perspective. In this view you can kick off with new hand-to-hand melee attacks and defensive combos.

Other improvements promised are greater character mobility and agility, which includes personalised jumps, spins and flips. These can be ramped up via adrenaline combo-powers that also increase strength and defence characteristics.

Naturally, for a title born and bred to be a multiplayer frag-fest, Unreal Champ 2 will be supported by Xbox Live (as well as system link) for up to eight-way play. Single players haven't been ignored, with two new areas of the game being developed with them especially in mind - a new campaign and tournament.

Unreal Championship 2: Liandri Conflict is scheduled to be released for Xbox in the last quarter of 2004