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New trailer released for The American

The first trailer for George Clooney’s The American has been released online by Yahoo , and it’s one that cleverly appeals to a wide spectrum of potential moviegoers.

First there’s the gun-toting promise of all-out, Bourne -style action scenes. Then there’s the introduction of love interest Clara, along with the teasing possibility of a steamy romance. And don’t even get us started on the shirtless sit-up/strip-off scenes...

Set for release here in the UK on 8 October, The American has been adapted from Martin Booth’s novel A Very Private Gentleman by director Anton Control Corbijn.

Clooney plays Jack, a lone assassin who pledges that his latest job will be his last before retirement. But when he’s tasked with a final deployment in Italy, Jack’s romance with local Clara and friendship with a friendly priest leaves him open to attack.

Check out the trailer below...

Was Clooney bourne for this role?

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