New trailer for Destiny 2: Beyond Light shows wild Stasis abilities and a new Exotic

A new trailer for Destiny 2: Beyond Light aired at today's Xbox Games Showcase, and it's all about the new Stasis abilities and weapons coming in the November expansion. 

Until this point, Stasis has been described and depicted as a vaguely icy element that can freeze enemies, but today's trailer dives deeper into the new element's properties. Three properties, to be exact: creating, encasing, and shattering. 

First, we see a Hunter throw a Stasis grenade into a wall to create a platform that they and their allies can use to get a vantage. In another clip, they throw their grenade into the ground to create a wall of cover in the Crucible, and then use a new type of throwing knife to encase two other players in Stasis. We see a Warlock use a grenade in PvE to the same effect, freezing enemies in their tracks. Finally (and fittingly), the Titan of the group comes in to smash the crap out of some encased enemies. Stasis looks like one of the most powerful elements yet, and it's easily the most flexible, so expect to see it get a lot of use from November onwards. 

The new trailer also offers some brief glimpses at the Stasis supers coming this fall, with a Titan wielding what looks like a massive conical AoE, a Warlock brandishing a staff capable of Nova Warp-esque explosions, and a Hunter armed with some sort of scythe. That Hunter is also shown wielding what is unquestionably a new Exotic, which you can check out below:

(Image credit: Bungie)

There's no telling what weapon archetype this thing falls into. It's too wildly shaped for any solid guesses, but at first blush, I'd say it could be a wild Exotic shotgun in the vein of Tractor Cannon. Whatever it is, it fires Stasis rounds, so it ought to pair well with the new subclasses.

Also announced at today's show: Destiny 2 and all expansions including Beyond Light are coming to Xbox Game Pass

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