New Tomb Raider TTRPG lets you beat Lara Croft at her own game, but someone needs to check its characters are OK

The cover and character classes for Tomb Raider: Shadows of Truth
(Image credit: Evil Hat Productions)

A new Tomb Raider tabletop RPG has just been unveiled, and honestly? Its heroes have issues.

Announced by Evil Hat Productions (a publisher behind some of the best tabletop RPGs, like Blades in the Dark) ahead of a 2025 release, Tomb Raider: Shadows of Truth makes you a contemporary of Lara Croft on the hunt for forgotten treasures. Rather than trying to steal them, though, your adventurers "strive to reveal long-hidden knowledge and thwart those who would steal and exploit artifacts for their own gains." But considering how messed up the heroes seem based on their character sheet descriptions, robbers and T.rex boss fights (please have T.rex boss fights) will be the least of your worries. Actually, I feel like some of them may need a hug.

You can see for yourself via the official announcement, but 'The Hunter' class is the most notable of these. They seem to be the Tomb Raider equivalent of a D&D murder hobo (someone who loves to kill stuff in-game without thinking about the consequences) but with more nihilism and staring into the abyss. For example:

"I am the predator that stalks my prey without mercy. But the shadow of violence tempts me toward the abyss. I am driven to be the last one standing. Will I rise to protect those who matter most or fall into senseless brutality?"

Ooft. That's a lot to unpack.

Similarly, 'The Companion' is a serial people-pleaser with the biggest hero complex I think I've ever seen. Their "self-sacrifice may be all consuming," and they question whether they'll fall to "self-inflicted martyrdom." I mean, dear lord. They are desperately in need of therapy.

'The Changed' class is equally messed up. They're in possession of a 'soul artifact' that seems to have possessed them and/or is altering their personality. For instance: "My new self hungers for more… Will I rise to the soul artifact's power or fall to its manipulations?"

Character sheets from Tomb Raider: Shadows of Truth on a teal and black background

(Image credit: Evil Hat Productions)

Now, don't misunderstand me. I really like these prompts; they're very compelling in spite of the fact that these characters could have psychological studies written about them. Plus, it provides a baked-in arc for players and game masters to explore – not to mention flaws that offset the positive parts of a hero's personality. It's the kind of thoughtful, actionable duality sometimes lacking in Dungeons and Dragons books.

In addition, it pairs nicely with this tabletop RPG's approach to gameplay. While we're promised all the action and mystery you'd expect from a product with Lara Croft on the front, it puts greater emphasis on "the connections which bring the adventure to life. Collect Truths and draw upon your Maps, Aid, and Lore to boost your rolls as you race to enter the Final Tomb!"

We don't know much more than that but we should find out before long. A public playtest will apparently be run later this year, followed by a crowdfunding campaign to make it a reality.

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