New The Last of Us 2 trailer is almost all spoilers but it's still worth watching

The Last of Us 2
(Image credit: Naughty Dog)

The Last of Us 2 has a new trailer, which is unusual because a) the game came out almost half a year ago, and b) the whole thing is a huge spoiler for one of its biggest surprises.

"With the year winding down and new players picking up the game for the first time over the holidays, we’ve put together a new trailer that provides an expanded look at the story," Naughty Dog senior communications manager Scott Lowe wrote on the PlayStation Blog. Major spoiler warnings for the rest of this story if you haven't played The Last of Us 2 yet and want to be just as surprised by the way the story goes as the folks who played back in June.

The trailer focuses on Abby, the sequel's secondary protagonist who Naughty Dog kept all but secret leading up to the release of The Last of Us 2. She sets the dire and vengeful tenor of the story from the second she shows up, so it's understandable that Naughty Dog is putting her in the spotlight for a new wave of players who may be picking up the game over the holidays.

Beyond moving one of Naughty Dog's new lead characters out from the shadows, the trailer may also be connected to a certain Last of Us 2 actor returning to do motion capture for an unspecified project. His character was deeply related to Abby's, so a new standalone expansion showing an unseen part of her story - in the vein of The Last of Us: Left Behind or Spider-Man: Miles Morales - is an intriguing possibility.

The Last of Us 2 took home the grand prize of Ultimate Game of the Year at this year's Golden Joystick Awards.

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