The Last of Us 2 actor is back doing motion capture

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Actor Derek Philips, best known for his role in NBC television series Friday Night Lights and a key role in The Last of Us 2, has stepped back into his motion-capture suit.

As you can see from the Twitter post below which the actor recently shared, he is heading back to work in his motion-capture suit. What could it mean it though? We'll discuss that underneath the tweet, but beware, spoilers for The Last of Us series will be discussed!

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Still with us? Good. Philips’ most recent videogame project had him play The Last of Us 2 character Jerry Anderson, Abby's dad, who us the Firefly surgeon who was killed by Joel at the end of the first game to save Ellie. Philips depicted Abby’s dad during flashbacks in the sequel, giving us context on who he was and the reason behind Abby killing Joel at the beginning of the game. 

Nothing has been confirmed yet, although there is speculation that Philips is returning to capture footage for a possible Last of Us Part 2 DLC relating to Abby's past. To make things more interesting Neil Druckmann, co-writer and creative director of The Last of Us Part 2, liked Philips’ tweet, which is raising more questions about any future Naughty Dog titles. Of course, Druckmann could also just be happy to see Philips back in a mo-cap suit.

Philips has also starred in games such as Dishonored as Lord Treavor Pendleton and Life is Strange as Mark Jefferson, so it’s entirely possible he may be working on something that isn’t related to The Last of Us.

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