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New Super Mario Bros Cheats

Short and sweet, the Bros. first adventure in years packs in tons of classic moments and a hot two-player mode. Not to be missed.

New Super Mario Bros FAQs

New Super Mario Bros Easter Eggs

  • DS | Submitted by Gamergirl21

    hidden coins

    World 5

    In level 5-2 at the beginning go to the second block of the big wall of blocks and start breaking them by jumping up and later kicking to the top then run around up there there's lots of coins.

  • DS | Submitted by SuperKirbyMaster

    Super Goomba/Spider Jump

    World 1-1 or World 4-1

    When starting world 1-1 or 4-1, always hold down the dash button to go farther. This cannot be performed by Mini or Mega Mario/Luigi. It can be done by their fire versions, though, but will be harder. It's better if you get the regular mushroom in the beginning, and stay like that.

    Here's the trick: Keep jumping off the goombas or spiders without hitting the ground. For each time other than the first time Mario/Luigi jumps off an enemy and kills it, like goombas, he will jump back up differently.

    1)Normal jump.
    2)He raises his fist (Like up-B in Smash bros.).
    3)Puts his foot out in front of him and raises
    his fist.
    4)He puts his hands back and does a mid-air
    5)Normal Jump.
    and so on...
    it doesn't do anything but it looks cool.

  • DS | Submitted by Go Broncos!!

    Super Mario/Luigi Jump

    World 1-1

    In the middle of the place, the is a mega-mushroom in a question box. Destroy everything in your path. Try to destroy the ladder thing in the end. DON'T finish the game. instead, just keep on running towards the beginning. While running, keep on jumping non-stop. If you do it right soon Mario/Luigi will jump a regular jump, then do the splits, and then do a somersault.

  • DS | Submitted by Roddy Gonzalez

    Mario Greetings

    Close your DS while playing and you should hear Mario say, "Bye-bye!" Open it up again to hear Mario say,"Its-a-me Mario!"

  • DS | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Credits Screen

    Move the letters using the touch screen and you'll hear SFX from the game.

  • DS | Submitted by Jacob MC

    Infinite Lives

    World 1-4

    Right before the big block structure get the koopa's shell and run to the pipe with non-stop goombas coming out of it right before the end of the level, go in the middle of the pipe and the wall and kick the shell. Jump every time it comes towards you and you can stack up 99 lives in a matter of minutes!

  • DS | Submitted by Grak!

    Original Theme & Fireworks

    Finish a level with a time left that is a multiple of 11 (11, 22, 33, etc.) and you'll see fireworks and the original Mario theme.

  • DS | Submitted by hudson

    Timer Tricks

    The end of a level

    End the timer in a level with the last two digits 11 22 or 33 for a red mushroom house end the timer 44 55 or 66 for a green mushroom house end the timer 77 88 or 99 to get an orange mushroom house.

    Also, if the last two digits of your timer reads 11, 22, 33, or 44 you will get 1, 2, 3, or 4 fireworks. If you land on the very tip of the flagpole, you'll get a free 1up.

  • DS | Submitted by Josh Burt

    New Background for Bottom Screen

    1. Beat the final boss.
    2. Go to World 1.
    3. There should be a new mushroom house at the beginning.
    4. Go in it.
    5. Jump under the block to choose a background NOTE: Each background cost 20 star coins.

New Super Mario Bros Hints

  • DS | Submitted by Princess Daisy

    Power-up Guide

    Red mushroom
    Turns normal Mario into super Mario. These mushrooms move towards you and jump during the "ba ba" of the chorus.

    Green 1-up mushroom
    Gives yo one extra life. These mushrooms move towards you and jump during the "ba ba" of the chorus.

    Fire flower
    Turns normal or super Mario into Fire Mario. You can only get a fire flower from a ? block when you are super or shell Mario. Fire flowers usually stay where you left them.

    Mini mushroom
    Shrinks Mario to micro-size. Mario can walk on water, fit into tiny pipes, and preform floating jumps. Mini mushrooms move and jump in the same way as the others.

    Shell Mario
    Mario gets a blue shell on his back, and can duck into his shell and run, becoming nearly invincible. You can only get these from flying ? blocks, mushroom houses, and on some courses. Shells usually stay where you left them.

    Mario becomes temporarily invincible. Most blocks containing a Starman are hidden, but not all of them. I haven't found out how Starmen move, but I'm pretty sure they are unaffected by the song, and that they move away from you.

  • DS | Submitted by anonymus

    how to beat the Final boss

    Final boss

    It's almost impossible to beat the Final boss because his jumps are so low they're difficult to pass under. To make him do a huge jump and defeat him do the following:

    1. When Bowser Jr. throws a Koopa shell kick it back to him, he will fall temporarily unconscious. Now you have the opportunity to jump on him. He will snap out of it when you jump on him.
    2. Repeat the first step 3 times and Bowser Jr. dies
    3. Bowser gets outraged and he starts throwing triple fireballs.
    4. From now on instead of doing very short jumps between his attacks Bowser will do very high jumps (and some medium ones)
    5. When he performs a high jump dash and go under him
    6. Press the foot switch
    7. Watch the credits

  • DS | Submitted by Peace Out!!!!!

    Mario, and Mushrooms

    World 1-4, 1-5

    It is much easier to beat these levels: 1-4 and 1-5, with Luigi, or super mini Mario. To get Luigi, hold L and R, then select him. To get super mini Mario, get a mini blue mushroom. There are very skinny pipes in 1-4 that only super mini Mario can fit through. For 1-5 you need someone who can jump far/high for the spaces between the giant bouncy Mushrooms.

    Hint: You must have very good timing to beat 1-5. If you just can't beat 1-5, go to 1-A and beat that level. Either way you will get to the boss of World 1.

  • DS | Submitted by Billy Bob

    Free 1-Up Mushrooms!

    World 1, Level 1

    If you're running low on extra lives, tap on World 1 and go to the first level. Then, go to the fourth ? block and hit it. A Mega Mushroom will pop out. Grab it, then destroy as much stuff as you can. You'll get one 1-Up mushroom for every 2 sections on the meter at the top of the screen you filled up.

  • DS | Submitted by THE GAME FREAK

    World 1 to World 5

    World 1 first castle

    Enter an item hut and get a blue shell. Next, enter the first castle in World 1. When you enter the cannon pipe, go into the room with moving blocks and go into the gap on the right side of the wall. You will warp to a room. Use the shell and break the bricks to go into the red warp pipe. Touch the flag and the walk way to the cannon will open. Go to the cannon and blast to World 5.

  • DS | Submitted by Brian Christopher Stelz Junior

    !14 Coins+ Mushroom

    World 1- Level 5

    Get to the bouncy mushroom where the 4 bricks are. Go under one and keep on bouncing up until it done. A mushroom should pop out. If it doesn't try it on another brick.

  • DS | Submitted by Chad Smith

    Skip Worlds 2, 3, and 4

    1 - mini castle

    To do this cheat you will need a blue koopa shell in your item's place. Go to Baby Bowser's castle. When you get to the part when the pipe launches you up in the air, jump back down to the right. You will land on a door - go in it and you will see moving blocks. Jump on the first one, then jump on door, but don't go in it!! Jump on top of the slow moving block on the right. Walk to the right and you will go through a pipe. Then use your blue koopa shell and dash. You will turn into a moving koopa shell. Then break the three blocks on the right and you will see a red flag. Jump on it and you will beat the level. Then, on world map, a cannon will apear. Go in it and it will launch you to world 5.

  • DS | Submitted by Luigifanatic

    Gain Extra Lives

    To get extra lives, first you must go to a level with the Mega Mushroom (level 1-1 is the easiest), and when you get it, crash into things. A meter above you will start getting longer (first it will be yellowish-orange and then green), and however many bars of green you have is how many lives you will get!
    Remember: you can do this an infinite number of times and when you turn green, you will start to turn small again.

  • DS | Submitted by Ronnie W.

    To Get 5 1-Ups

    1. At the beginning of level 5-2, there will be a
    place filled with blocks. Use a mega mushroom
    to crush those blocks. When youÂ’re done, youÂ’ll
    get 5 1-Ups.

    2. In the middle of level 4-4, you will see a caterpillar on some mini-tubes. You need to use a tiny mushroom to make Mario small. Without getting the caterpillar mad, go into the 2nd mini-pipe starting from the left. Mini Mario will be in a mini-maze. Go through the mini-maze and then heÂ’ll be in a place infested with pipes. Hit the ? block to receive a mega mushroom. Use the mega mushroom to crush all of the pipes. YouÂ’ll earn 5 1-Ups.

  • DS | Submitted by M-A-R-I-O

    Got Coins?

    If you get a Mega Mushroom and turn into Huge Mario, ground pound anywhere and either goombas, coins, or both will come falling from the sky!

  • DS | Submitted by jake25

    How to ride on Lakitu's Cloud

    Any level with Lakitu in it

    All you have to do is take a koopa shell and throw it at Lakitu. He should fall out of the cloud giving you the chance to hop onto his cloud and go anywhere you like. You have a limited time to ride.

  • DS | Submitted by CheatPlanet

    Infinite Lives

    In World 2-4, just past the two Piranha Plants after the mid-level point, you'll come to a staircase with a turtle coming down it. Jump on the turtle just as it is about to go off the third stair from the bottom. If done correctly, Mario should keep jumping on the turtle and earn up to 99 lives.

  • DS | Submitted by Laffin Boy

    Get Mushrooms from Coin Bricks

    If you see a brick block that you know has multiple coins in it, then ground pound it. If you keep the D-Pad held down, you'll keep bouncing off of it, eventually grabbing 14 coins and a Mushroom.

  • DS | Submitted by bowser boy

    Defeating the Eigth Boss

    The end of the last castle

    When you get to the end of the last castle, you will face Bowser and Bowser Jr. First, defeat the smaller Bowser by hitting back the shells and jumping on him. When you defeat him the bigger Bowser will blow fire at you. When he jumps, dash under him, hit the switch and he will fall down!

  • DS | Submitted by LUIGI OWNES!!!

    Double Damage

    This helps for when you are fighting the bosses of worlds 2 and 5. Whenever you try to hit them, don't jump, ground pound. Instead of needing 3 hits, they'll only need one more after you successfully ground pound. (this is when you use the mini mushroom)

  • DS | Submitted by Oilers Rule

    How to Get to World 7's Last Boss Level

    First, get a tiny mushroom that turns you into tiny (micro) Mario. Then travel to world 7-4. Get on the bouncing thing at the top. Get on top of the flying golden block and turn into tiny (micro) Mario. There will be space above the golden block. Get in it.
    Come out as far as you can without falling out (it is okay if you do). Then try to jump up on the ledge and go up the tube. Go to the right and jump on the flag.

  • DS | Submitted by anonymous

    Tiny Mario

    In New Super Mario Bros., there are more types of mushrooms, like the tiny mushroom. If you get it, you are as big as Baby Bowser's pinky finger. Something you can do with tiny Mario is jump farther. He can jump at least 3 times as far, even though he is 20 times smaller. Something fun you can do with him is find an enemy and jump on them. Instead of destroying it, you will be jumping on it like it's a trampline (if you want to destroy something as tiny Mario, you must ground pound it by jumping and pressing down).

  • DS | Submitted by Biscuit

    How to Skip World 2 (Just about)

    Play the 3rd level of world 2 until you see a switch (not a box!) with a "?" on it (it's about half way through). It will make the water rise. Swim to the top until you see lots of coins. DO NOT GET THEM! Instead look for another switch with a "?" on it and press it, the water will rise again. Look for an opening at the top. Go through it and jump on the red flag. Beat it and you will unlock another level, if you beat that you will unlock a pipe, go in it and it will take you to the castle.

  • DS | Submitted by Josh Burt

    More Alternate Levels

    Its really very obvious where these ones are actually. All you have to do is pay 5 star coins on the world map to gain access to an alternate level. NOTE: Make sure the path leads somewhere, and not to a mushroom house.

  • DS | Submitted by Josh Burt

    Secret Exit in Tower 1

    You must have a blue shell for this. Go to world 1-tower. Once you get to the first pipe that launches you up, go through the door that you see on the way up. Once inside you should be in a room with a sar coin and another door. Go to the door, but not through it. Jump up and right through the gap (it's just the right size for Mario/Luigi). Do not go through the orange pipe! Using the shell dash, break the blocks to the right of the pipe. You will see a red pipe on the right. Once again use the shell dash to break the blocks. Go through the pipe.

  • DS | Submitted by Josh Burt

    World 5-B Secret Exit

    To reach the alternate exit to a warp pipe, you'll need to become Shell Mario. Wall-Jump through the gap near the exit flag, then dash left to draw into your shell, and smash the blocks by the pipe.

  • DS | Submitted by Josh Burt

    2-3 Alternate Level

    In world 2-3 there is an alternate exit right after the checkpoint. When you hit the switch to flood the sewer to swim to the edge on the right of the screen, go up instead. You should be in a room filled with coins. Be quick and get the switch on the left side of the room you just entered and go up and right.

  • DS | Submitted by Josh Burt

    Hard to get Star-Coin

    Near the end of the stage, you'll find a block that produces a vine if you Ground-Pound it. Instead of pounding it, slide off the purple mushroom platform and jump beneath the block to reveal an invisible block. Leap from that to punch the Vine Block, then climb into the clouds. There you'll find a second Vine Block that will take you to a Star Coin you can easily long-jump to.

  • DS | Submitted by $oeneeRox

    Get a Ton of Lives

    World 1-1

    Once you get a hang of the game, preferably once you beat it, go to W 1-1. Once you get about 2/3 into the level (view the bottom screen to see), hit one of the question mark boxes and a mega mushroom should come out. Then break as much stuff as you can (try not to jump unless you need to). Like tubes, enemies, bricks, etc. The bar at the top while you are mega Mario shows how much stuff you've broken. The most I've gotten is five 1UPs. If you continue to do this, you will get x99 lives.

  • DS | Submitted by beat it in 7 days

    Easy Bosses

    any boss (or mini boss) level

    to beat Bowser Jr. easily, just make sure you're fire mario. repeatedly throw fireballs at Bowser Jr. and jump over him when he charges. this should take a total of about 10 seconds.

    To beat a regular boss easily, put a gigantic mushroom in your "stash" on the bottom screen. Then, when you have started the battle with the boss, tap the mushroom and become giant Mario. jump on the boss and he will die immediatly.

  • DS | Submitted by Josh Burt

    Alternate Level

    In world 1-2 at the end of the level where the mushroom tilts you must run and jump to get on the ledge. The bottom route also works.

  • DS | Submitted by Luigi's Da Bomb98!!!

    How to Beat All the Castle Bosses

    At the end of every castle

    Here's how to beat all the bosses except in world 4 & 7.
    World 1. Bowser-Go on the platform. Then jump over him and hit the switch.
    World 2. Zombie Catapillar- Keep on jumping on his head.
    World 3. Big Cheep Cheep- When he jumps out of the water, jump on him.
    World 5. Petey Perana-When he smashes down to the ground, jump on him.
    World 6. Monty Mole's Tank-After he's done blasting bullet-bills he'll come out of his tank. Jump on him.
    World 8. Bowser's Skeloton-Jump over him and hit the switch.
    World 8 - The big castle. Bowser J.R and Skeloton Bowser- This boss battle was hard so I cheated. Get a Mega Mushroom and eat it at the boss battle, then jump on the 2. Next hit the switch.

New Super Mario Bros Cheats

  • DS | Submitted by Joe Joyce

    Replacement Items

    World 1-1

    If you want to replace an item you don't want in your pocket, go back to level 1 once you've beat it and beat it, but before you finish the level, wait until the time has reached something ending in *66, *55, *44, and so on. The higher the eleven multiple, the better. Then finish the level at that time, and a item mushroom will appear once you go to the map.

  • DS | Submitted by Mikenike

    Easy Boss Beating

    Boss Room

    To beat a boss easily, you have to have a giant mushroom in your items pocket. Once you are at the boss's room, when they start fighting, use your giant mushroom, jump on him and you'll beat them.

  • DS | Submitted by greg

    Get an Extra Life

    All levels but castles

    Get a tiny mushroom and at the end of the level where the flag is, hold down the jump button. Go over it and you'll get a life.

  • DS | Submitted by A Guy With A Book

    How to Get to Worlds 4 and 7

    Worlds 3 and 6

    To get to World 4 Beat the Mummy Pokey as Tiny Mario. To get to World 7 beat Petey Pirana as Tiny Mario. It's easier to get a tiny mushroom from a Red Mushroom House and use it once you hit them 2 times them hit them again when you're Tiny Mario.

  • DS | Submitted by A Guy With A Book

    Play as Luigi

    File Select screen

    To play as Luigi insted of Mario hold down L and R then pick a file.

New Super Mario Bros Glitches

  • DS | Submitted by Brian Christopher Stelz Junior

    Unlimited Items

    First, you have to have any item that you want in your pocket (I'd recommend the Fire Flower). Next, you need to use it when it is already in use. It will just go right back to your pocket.

  • DS | Submitted by fionnoh

    Statue Glitch

    In level 3-1, when Cheep Chomp (the big blue fish) tries to bite you, throw a fireball into its mouth and the whole screen will freeze.

New Super Mario Bros Unlockables

  • DS | Submitted by yoshismoodle

    3-2 Alternate Exit - Get Level 3-B

    World 3-2

    When you jump on the first moving mushroom, you see colored tubes above you. Jump in the green one. When you exit, there are lots of red moving tubes. Make it to the end and there will be a red flag. It will lead to a different level.

  • DS | Submitted by hinty

    Save Anywhere

    After you defeat the 8th world boss you can save anywhere.

  • DS | Submitted by Big W

    Free Toad-house and Fireworks

    All levels

    If you end your level with a time ending on *11, *22 or *33, you'll get respectively 1, 2 or 3 fireworks and a red Toad-house.

    If you end your level with a time ending on *44, *55 or *66, you'll get 4, 5 or 6 fireworks and a green Toad-house.

    If you end your level with a time ending on *77, *88, *99, You'll get 7, 8 or 9 fireworks and an orange Toad-house.

    When you do any of the above, you will also hear the original Mario theme.

  • DS | Submitted by Josh Burt

    Secret Challenge Mode

    The secret Challenge Mode in New Super Mario Bros. allows you to replay levels you've completed in a new way. In Challenge Mode, the screen will not scroll to the left. So, if you pass up something good, you can't backtrack to pick it up (like in the original Super Mario Bros.). This makes the game even more challenging! Here's how it works:

    1. Complete the game (see the ending at least once).

    2. On the world map screen, press Start to pause the game.

    3. Enter the following code: L, R, L, R, X, X, Y, Y.

    4. If you enter the code correctly, a message will appear announcing that you have accessed the secret Challenge Mode. A yellow arrow will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, indicating that Challenge Mode is activated. Note that Challenge Mode can only be played in areas that you have completed.

  • DS | Submitted by Ste)P|P(enWolf

    Unlock World 4

    To unlock world 4 you need to defeat the final castle in world 2 while being tiny mario.

    - there is a small mushroom in the level close to the end
    - to defeat the endboss you must jump above it and then press down (pounding), normal jumping won't help

  • DS | Submitted by A Person

    Blue Toad House

    Once you beat the game, a blue toad house will appear above World 1-1. In it, there are five different backgrounds for the touch screen. The only problem is that each one costs 20 star coins and the fifth one isn't unlocked yet. To unlock it, you have to get rid of every star coin sign from world 1 to 8.