SFX Sci-Fi Quiz iPhone game available free now!

Ready to test your sci-fi and fantasy trivia knowledge? To the Apple App Store at once! (FREE SFX APP!)

It's here at last after months of preparation. From now on, if you have your iPhone handy (4 or above) you can let us test your sci-fi trivia knowledge wherever you are! Visit the Apple App Store to download the SFX Sci-Fi Quiz to your iPhone or iPad now! Get the SFX Sci-Fi Quiz app if you're in the UK with this link . Get the Quiz if you're in the USA with this link . (All other territories, either of those links is fine.)

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The SFX Sci-Fi Quiz, in association with our chums at Spokenworld Audio , is available for free download now for iOS and comes with over 1,000 questions in five different categories.

Get the SFX Sci-Fi Quiz app

There are three difficulty settings and we warn you that the hardest (known around here as the Invasive Probing setting) is so hard that even the team members who wrote the questions can't get on the high score table, so there's a challenge for you right there.

Get the SFX Sci-Fi Quiz app

If you do score well, the app makes it easy to share your success on Twitter or Facebook. Download it now from the Apple store and let us know how you get on! The app costs precisely 0p.

By the way, if you have an iPhone or iPad and would like to get SFX digitally, remember that with or without the new Newsstand app you can get all our latest mag content to read on screen now .

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