New Resistance 2 plot and gameplay details

As you could probably have guessed from early images of Resistance 2, San Francisco will play host to one of the many huge battles against the Chimera in the sequel, that will take the fight to more recognisable locations across the US than Hull and Grimsby.

The latest Official PlayStation Magazine UK reports that the sequel will pick up the fight where the first game left off.

The main man, Nathan, goes to the base of the Special Projects Research Administration in Iceland, where he finds out other humans with mutant DNA infections have special healing and telepathic powers.

Insomniac Games president, Ted Price, told OPM UK of how the new, meaner Chimera. Price explained how players will be able to tell when an invisible Chamelion Chimera is near - they will see footprints in the mud or a shimmering outline in rain or smoke. Sounds impressive. And a bit like Predator.

Players can also expect enormous bosses, which Price explains draw influence from another of Insomniac's creations.

"We've taken some of the lessons we've learnt from Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction and used them with a twist. Bosses are significantly larger than anything we've tried in our games. One in particular is several hundred feet tall," he teases.

The co-op feature - for up to eight players - promises to be a full-on campaign, not a tacked-on extra. You will complete objectives that test players' ability to work together.

A new weapon, the Splitter, belonging to the Soldier class in these multiplayer games is like a minigun, "capable of spraying a terrifying barrage of rounds," explains OPM. It also reveals that special powers, such as healing, are charged up by killing aliens, so you need to take out enemies to replenish health - which keeps everyone on their toes.

Sounds great. Will it be this or Killzone 2 that claims the action crown on PS3?

Courtesy of CVG.

Feb 12, 2008