New PS5 rumour suggests next-gen console "struggles" with 4K resolution over Xbox Series X

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The PS5 is apparently struggling to produce native 4K resolutions on upcoming next-gen games, according to new information from noted industry insider AestheticGamer

Writing on Twitter, AestheticGamer claims to have "heard from other devs that PS5 struggles with 4K games in particular so you'll see a lot of fake 4K." 

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"That doesn't matter to some, but get ready for that too," they continued, adding that "Xbox [Series] X doesn't have the same problem."

The gossip follows speculation from games industry reporter Jeff Grubb, who also acknowledged potential concerns on a recent episode of the Basement Radio Arcade Podcast that the PS5's internal architecture may "prove troublesome" for game developers in the long run. 

"The technology that Sony's using for the PS5 is AMD SmartShift", said Grubb, "and...a lot of people are just assuming the PS5 is going to be right there with the Xbox Series X, and it may be, I don't know for sure, I'm not a developer, but this SmartShift tech is worrisome I think. What it does is it moves power between the CPU and the GPU and developers really haven't had to worry about that, especially on consoles, in the past." 

Grubb took to Twitter after to explain that this is only an example of a potential problem that could arise. 

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More news is expected to arrive for PlayStation's next-generation console in the coming months as near its Holiday 2020 release, including more information about the PS5 price, user interface, and more. Here's hoping Sony can allay these growing concerns about the system's tech running under the hood. 

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