New Pokémon Snap gameplay trailer shows off photo editing and sharing

New Pokémon Snap gameplay trailer shows off photo editing and sharing
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New Pokémon Snap gameplay trailer shows off details on photo editing and image sharing.

A new gameplay demo of the New Pokémon Snap has been posted by GameInformer, talking through some of the new gameplay mechanics that the footage reveals, including photo editing and dynamic interactions between Pokémon.

The demo focuses on one of the early levels in New Pokémon Snap, called Blushing Beach, and shows some of the Pokémon that you’ll encounter, as well as the differences between the location during day and night. The daytime shots show fan favourite Pokémon like Lapras and Corsola - exactly the kind of Pokémon you’d expect to see on a picturesque shoreline.

Later on we get to see some footage of Blushing Beach at night, with an entirely new array of Pokémon on display including Octillery, Bellossom, and the spooky Sandygast. Here we get to see how you can affect the Pokémon through interactions like feeding them. Feeding a Sandygast causes it to pop out of the sand, scaring a nearby Octillery which scarpers into the ocean.

During the footage we see a few snaps get taken and you can see how your shots will be rated by Professor Mirror based on the Pokémon’s pose, size, placement, and background. We also see more of the image editing options that let you fine tune your snaps of the Pokémon. You can tune things like the brightness, blur, and focus of the images, and even add Snapchat-esque filters. Once you’re done sprucing up your snaps, you can share them online to your Nintendo Switch friends and through social media.

This has been a bumper week for New Pokémon Snap news as we found out a couple of days ago that Pokémon Snap will feature fully voiced cutscenes, and limited voice acting throughout the game too – a feature that very few Pokémon games have.

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