New Pokemon game reveal teased in Japanese magazine, info coming by January 14

Pokemon Black and White were some of this year’s best titles and a great farewell to our DS’s before the 3DS took center stage. After Pokemon Rumble Blast hit the 3DS a few months back, things had been quiet on the monster-collecting front, but rumors of incoming announcements are in the air. The most recent news to fuel that fire is Japanese magazine Coro Coro teasing that its January issue will feature new info on a Pokemon game announcement.

Above: Probably something like this, only different

In the past Coro Coro has had some huge Pokemon reveals, including the first fifth gen monsters and other goodies, so it only makes sense they’d get some big reveal. However, don’t assume that you’ll have to wait for January 14 when the issue comes out to know what’s in store for Pokemon, as it’s quite possible you’ll know by the end of this weekend, thanks to a little thing called Jump Fiesta.

Held in the same convention hall as Tokyo Game Show, Jump Fiesta is technically to celebrate manga, but games are often announced at the annual event. This year’s Jump Fiesta is the first one that will be attended by The Pokemon Company, which pretty much guarantees something will be revealed there. Whether it’s exciting like an expected third iteration for Black//White, something boring like an update to the 3DS Pokedex, or something in-between (crosses fingers for a Pokemon Snap! 3DS sequel), our bet is we’ll know very soon, and that Coro Coro will follow that reveal with the first real preview of that new thing. We’ll keep you posted if anything Pokemon-related or otherwise breaks at Jump Fiesta this Saturday.

Source: Andriasang

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