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New PlayStation Store is live

The 2.30 PS3 firmware update and redesigned PlayStation Store is now live for piano black console owners to download.

The redesigned store, which is currently streaming down our internet very slowly, features improved menus and functionality over the dodgy web browser-based original, a new preview option that lets you see videos of games before you buy them and other neat tweaks we've been waiting an age for.

Apparently the long talked-up update for Lair, which enables standard non-motion controls for the Factor 5 flight sim, is also up for download on the new store.

Just in case you're wondering, your current PSN account will follow you to the new store unharmed. Sony has also confirmed that another content update on April 17 will see the launch of the Metal Gear Solid Online Beta trial. Nice.

The latest Warhawk expansion, Operation Broken Mirror is also expected on the store any time now. Let's hope than can get more updates on there from now on.

And if you're away from the PS3, see the new store in actionhere.

Courtesy of CVG.

Apr 15, 2008