Rumours point to a new Nintendo Switch in 2019 with a possible screen upgrade

A Wall Street Journal source is suggesting a new Nintendo Switch model could be on the way next year, with a release date around the middle to end of 2019. That is, once Nintendo decide how to improve it.  

According to the WSJ the information comes from "suppliers and others with direct knowledge of the plan," although Nintendo, unsurprisingly, has refused to comment. Details at the moment point to an upgraded Switch rather than a completely new console, with sources suggesting the company is weighing up its options in terms of new hardware and software features, as well as the costs involved. Presumably the plan is to make the console better without pushing the price up, or maybe even bringing it down. 

One rumoured option for improvement is the screen. Currently the Switch uses a fairly cheap LCD, and improving that is an option apparently being considered. The insider talk suggests that the upgrade may simply a better LCD display rather than a jump to an OLED. That would still improve the screen brightness and energy efficiency, and possible lead to a thinner console. 

It might seem odd to think about upgrading a console that only came out in March 2017, but it appears Nintendo are keen to keep the momentum the Switch originally generated at launch high - its share price was boosted significantly when the console arrived but that has since faded.  

At least one of the sources also claimed to waiting to see what will happen with the 3DS after the arrival of the new Switch - as more traditionally 3DS titles jump to the larger console it's becoming a much less viable platform to support. 

Don't forget that Nintendo Switch Online is now a thing so read up on what the Switch's premium online service does and how much it costs. 

Leon Hurley
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