A new Netflix movie is being called an "under-the-radar" secret gem

A Beautiful Life
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Netflix is known for releasing movies without much marketing and just seeing how they connect with audiences. It seems the latest Danish original A Beautiful Life is no different, but luckily for the streamer, it's started to creep up the charts.

The film follows a young fisherman called Elliott, who just so happens to have an extraordinary voice. When he's discovered by a well-known music manager, she pairs him up with her divorced daughter to make a record. Elliott must navigate this new relationship as well as his past struggles to make the most of what is bound to be the opportunity of a lifetime.

Currently, the film is sitting in the top spot in several countries, including Canada, Australia, Germany, and Italy. But it's the audience reviews that have really got us interested. A Beautiful Life is currently averaging a 90% score, based on more than 50 ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.

"What's there not to like? Since there are so many negative, angry, violent movies about broken people and broken humanity," wrote one, "I was happy to watch something different for a change, a positive lovely movie."

Another argued: "Watch this. I want to give this five stars, but I just can't. This is an under-the-radar heart crusher, and a well-produced story, but this also is the EXACT reverse of countless Netflix series that are eight episodes that clearly only needed to be three. My frustration is that THIS story felt almost laughably rushed, and I'm guessing it had too small of a budget to accomplish its goals."

While a third concluded: "I am not a lover of romantic movies but this one was different. Raw, relatable, and refreshing. Got me feeling it…. That's not an easy task."

Not everyone was completely sold on it though, as another reviewer put it: "Music was great but the film was like a Hallmark movie. Not horrible but not great."

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