New Music of Journey trailer goes backstage with orchestra on Jenova Chen's adventure

While it's always nice to hear developers effuse over their creations while watching artists spin character-models on a large monitor (see every behind-the-scenes clip ever released), this backstage trailer for Sony's upcoming Journey takes another tack. Released alongside a blog post by composer Austin Wintory, the clip focuses on Wintory's work in creating the game's lush musical soundscapes.

Citing the influence of mythologist Joseph Campbell – whose impact can be felt in every game ever to begin with a sleeping hero, and almost all the rest as well – Wintory says he resisted the urge to provide Journey's epic narrative with the customary, heavy-handed sonic extravaganza. “While there are definitely some big moments,” says Wintory, “I would actually describe it as intimate.”

Above: Woven Variations, a clip Wintory calls "an exploration of the [larger score], taken to entirely different places"

Wintory's insider impressions of the game are positive: “[If] Journey did not exist and you asked me what my ultimate dream of a game would be (both to score and to play), I suspect I would basically end up describing Journey.” You'll have your turn on the title when it releases in Spring of this year. In the meantime, if you want to hear the music of Journey, the best way to do so is obviously via Mega Man? Oh, you're so very welcome.