New Mortal Kombat screens Kontinue to pull us back in

The offices remain conflicted aboutthe new Mortal Kombat trailerreleased yesterday. Some feel that it stayed true to the overall spirit of MK, while others (namely me) felt that the choice of song and lack of gameplay made it look like it came out ten years ago. Whatever! Warner Brothers Interactive has just sent us more new screens packed with enough nods to its predecessors to keep us amped for the upcoming 2011 reboot.

Of course it’s great to see Nightwolf return in all his native glory, but the arena revisitations arewhat’s really pumping the blood toour old-skool geek boners. Look closely at today’s shot of Johnny Cage kicking the crap out of Scorpion and you’ll see the triumphant return of the Living Forest stage from Mortal Kombat II.

Above: Is Johnny Cage kicking him across the screen, or does Scorpion’s new powers involve shooting acidic blood out of his ass?

As great as it is to recognize the newly designed characters, there’s a much more subtle satisfaction in realizing that those arenas wefought to death in (figuratively) are making a high-def return.

Above: Who could forget Jade’s Desert from Mortal Kombat 3?

Above: And here’s a much more technologically advanced look at the Bell Tower level.

We’re already giddy with nostalgia, but we’re also getting another look at the new Mortal Kombat this weekend at PAX, so expect some updated impressions very soon. Until then,click hereto see all of the new screens.

Oh, and here’s the newtrailer I warned you about.

Sep 2, 2010