The new MGS 5 trailer gives us a good look at mini-Mantis and Fire Guy

You might remember Fire Guy from such trailers as the firstMGS 5one, appearing as what looked like part of a hallucinogenic sequence with a flaming winged unicorn... [Checks] Yeah, that happened.

Now he's back in this new trailer with a face:

He also has what looks like the ability to fire the bulletsembeddedin his body out as an attack. I smell a boss fight. He also seems to be close with a little bubby Psycho mantis as well.

Here's the trailer:

As you can see, the focus is on moody revenge and nukes again (surprise), with the plot outlining Skullface's quest to become a nuclear super power.

It's also worth noting - Holy shit look at the size of a typical area!

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