New Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D trailer pleases our eyesockets with amazing action

Way back when, alright, in July, when I was lucky enough to get my hands on the 3DS, I saw a demo that literally blew my Soliton Radar off. It was an eight minute interactive tech demonstration of Metal Gear Snake Eater 3D. And I say this with nary a hint of hyperbole: it’s basically the best thing I’ve ever seen from Kojima Productions. Lucky for you lot, the full demo is now loose on the interwebs for your viewing pleasure…

Now maybe you’re the hard to please type. Perhaps The Naked Sample’s (friggin’ hell, Koj, really?) PS2-beating and brilliantly directed action aren’t enough to get you soiling your Fox-Hound-branded undergarments. That’s OK. Because honestly, you simply haven’t seen the demo above until you’ve watched it in that zany dimension certain people like to refer to as the third.

Above: Extremely poisonous snakes scaring the shit out of you - t'is what 3D was made for

Seeing the python slither strike at your face, watching in awe as a helicopter’s propeller appears to blow petals out of the screen, admiring the stitching on Johnny Balaclava’s… eh, balaclava, as he sticks his head under a branch; you can only properly coo at these moments when you’re seeing them in 3D. Even for an MGS obsessive like me, seeing the amazingly well-staged demo and panning the camera around while being bewitched by the incredible fidelity of the 3D sent me a bit wrong (in the best possible way).

I’ve done said it before and I’ll done say it again: I was more impressed from my first viewing of the 3DS’ Metal Gear, than when I saw MGS2’s trailer at E3 2000. And I was properly obsessed with that. No really, generally ‘showing slight sociopathic tendencies’ obsessed.

Above: Seriously, it impressed me more than Snake's 'rain moment'

Back when I last saw the title, though, Kojima still hadn’t decided whether it was going to be a full game yet or merely a showcase of what Nintendo’s hardware was capable of. So needless to say, the fact that Snake Eater could well now be a launch game has made me as happy as a fat man falling down some stairs. Oh wait, is it just everyone else other than him who enjoys that?

Sep 29, 2010

David Meikleham
Google AMP Stories Editor

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