New M:I - Ghost Protocol clip lands online

A new clip has arrived online from upcoming action spectacular Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol , but instead of showing off an orgy of CGI explosions, it’s actually rather funny.

The clip shows Pegg’s character Benji Dunn briefing Jeremy Renner’s Brandt on the particulars of a potentially perilous job the pair are set to undertake. Before long, what was already a tricky assignment is beginning to sound like a suicide mission!

Take a look at the clip below…

Much as we love Tom Cruise in the leading role, Renner’s world-weary charisma is a welcome antidote to his co-star’s more conventional brand of derring-do. His easy chemistry with Pegg is also a pleasure to watch, with the pair looking to have the makings of a decent comic partnership.

The new film sees the IMF shut down when it is implicated in a terrorist bombing plot. The titular Ghost Protocol is thus initiated, meaning Ethan Hunt and his team must go undercover to clear their organisation’s name.

The film arrives in UK cinemas on Boxing Day 2011, with the IMAX edition preceded by the opening six minutes of The Dark Knight Rises . Sounds like the perfect late Christmas present to us…

George Wales

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