New Kirby game rumored to be revealed next month

Kirby and the Forgotten Land
(Image credit: Nintendo)

A new Kirby-related game could be revealed next month.

The new claim comes from Japanese publication Nintendo Dream, which has been translated by the Twitter user just below. In a new issue of the publication, it's claimed that in the forthcoming issue for February 2022, a brand new game will be revealed, possibly relating to Kirby.

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Of course, there's every chance that the publication could be referring to literally any other game. However, since the comment about the next issue is made in a section deliberately talking about Kirby, and the fact that it's the loveable character's 30th anniversary later this year, signs do point to it being a Kirby game.

As Nintendo Life notes though, there's been some fierce debate about the translation of the quote in Nintendo Dream. One user notes that the word "series" is omitted in the publication, meaning it could well be a game not related to Kirby at all. Additionally, there's some doubt this enigmatic new game will even be revealed at all, with the publication seemingly adding a pre-emptive apology in case it isn't announced.

Whatever the case with this strange new game, we won't have long to wait until we find out more. Until then though, we'll definitely have Kirby and the Forgotten Land to look forward to, a brand new action-adventure game which stars the pink mascot rolling out a strange ruined world, which launches later this year on March 25 for Nintendo Switch.

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