New Halo: Reach live-action trailer delivers hope, 'splosions and eye rolling

Having never received nor delivered hope in any official capacity, we can only guess by Halo: Reach's new promo spot, “Deliver Hope,” that doing so requires jet-packs, body armour and a bomb small enough to sneak through the front door, yet powerful enough to obliterate a city-sized airship.

But then, maybe we’re taking the new, live-action Halo: Reach trailer a bit too literally. Here, check it out for yourself:

Directed by Noam Murro (the same guy behind the “Birth of a Spartan” vignettes) and shot in Prague, the Deliver Hope trailer contains pretty much everything one would expect from a Halo ad: epic cinematography, haunting music, heaps of melodrama and a host of familiar characters doing incredibly epic things that have all but a cursory connection to actual gameplay or, you know, the game. It's clear that Halo takes itself way too seriously, but we guess real life rocket launcher matches and teabagging scored with cursing 13-year-olds doesn't translate well on film.

Cynicism aside, the trailer is well worth watching, not just to kill some of the time remaining before the game's September 14th release, but also to stand in awe of Microsoft's gigantic promotional budget.

An extended cut is scheduled for exclusive YouTube release during the week of September 6th.

Aug 26, 2010

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