New Halo maps and vehicles revealed

Halo 3 multiplayer magazine features are incoming, and the first one out of the blocks to be scanned to death online is Game Pro, which has revealed customizable armor, three new maps and upgraded vehicles.

Thanks to several leaked videos you may or may not have seen, most of the info shouldn't come as a surprise. Perhaps the most interesting aspect is the ability to customize your Spartan armor.

Dubbed armor permutations, you'll be able to customize your faceplate, left and right shoulder pads and breast plate. We're willing to bet that this will be a huge feature for the online community, all dressed to kill.

Maps not playable in the Beta, but shown behind closed doors, were Shrine, Epitaph and the Zanzibar remake Last Resort. The massively-multiplayer Shrine is perfect for vehicle-based combat and easily the most impressive map we've seen to date. If the single player-game looks as good as Shrine, maybe it'll put an end to arguments that Halo 3won't look any good (opens in new tab).

There's a batch of new images showing new weapons, vehicles, equipment and maps awaiting your attentionhere (opens in new tab).

May 31, 2007