New Half-Life 2 multiplayer action

The next installment of Half-Life 2's episodic trilogy will add a new multiplayer mode to the sci-fi shooter's arsenal, according to a post on the official Steam forum. Speculation suggests that it will be a remix of legendary Half-Life teamplay mod Team Fortress and will be set during the Seven Hour War, which occurred before the events of Half-Life 2.

Here is a collection of new details for Half-Life 2: Episode Two, taken from the latest edition of PC Gamer magazine, which include:

• A new feature will beef up the Gravity Gun
• We'll find out more about the mysterious G-Man
• Gordon will wield a new "Strider buster" weapon
• There will be huge, battlefield clashes with loads of enemies and allies fighting at once
• A new vehicle will make an appearance

PC Gamer had stated that Episode Two was likely to ship in the spring of 2007, but Valve has also hinted that if everything goes according to schedule they could release it for the holidays at the end of this year.

June 19, 2006