New Gears of War shots get dirty

We've got a fresh (if anything inthis bombed-out, grit-and-blood-smeared world could really be called 'fresh') batch of shots from Gears of War, Xbox 360's most brutal shooter - featuring some new environments and, of course, gory alien death.

Gears of War developer Epic has been deservedly proud of the gun-mounted-chainsaw chopping spree that left our pride, never mind our on-screen characters,scarred at E3 - but these new images show off new death-dealing implements. Both the faithful sniper rifle and a laser-guided explosive crossbow are fine excuses for the game to break out its drop-kicking-a-basket-of-raspberries splatter effects.

It's not all about the ultra-violence - well, to be fair, it's mostly about the ultra-violence, but Gears paints a moody picture when it comes to its levels, from rain-swept ruined hotels to abandoned refineries at sunset.

The internet's favorite man-on-the-insideMajor Nelsonhas stated that a video will be available over Xbox Live Marketplace later today. So, after clicking the Images tab above to see our new screens, be sure to goose your 360 online and download the newest bloody trailer.

Gears of War is due out this November and is looking more and more like the essential purchase for Xbox 360 to date. We can't wait to get stuck back in this destroyed beauty - and destroy some uglies, too.

September 5, 2006