New Game of Thrones season 7 spoilers: A baddie returns and new location teased

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Game of Thrones season 7 may still be some way off but, if reports are to be believed, we’re being treated to another new location and the return of a baddie from season 6.

Possible spoilers will appear after the Hodor. Don't say we didn't warn you.

WatchersOnTheWall received reports of a set being constructed near Stangarvegur in Iceland. Game of Thrones is no stranger to filming in Iceland, previously using their wintry landscapes for scenes north of the Wall and for the path to the Eyrie, but this ice wall looks completely different to anything we’ve seen before.

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What could they be filming there? Well, Game of Thrones loves a good battle and, if you ask us, the Night King needs to get his bony ass handed to him. What better place for a climactic showdown than a freakin’ frozen valley? It could also fit around the rumoured spoilers where Jon Snow, the Hound, Tormund, Jorah, and others go wight-hunting. Colour us excited.

In other news, James Faulkner (better known as Samwell Tarly’s father Randyll) looks like he’ll be coming back next year. Having been spotted in Spain near the shooting locations for the next season of the HBO fantasy hit show, Faulkner posted a picture from his Twitter account with the caption ‘Randyll on the razzle’. 

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No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, that is a horse in the background. Could we see Randyll mounting up and doing all he can to take back Heartsbane, the Valyrian sword Sam stole from his father at the end of season 6? If the awkward scenes between father and son were anything to go by then this could have a tragic ending. But it’s nice to see ol’ grumpy chops Randyll Tarly make a return. With Tywin and Stannis gone, we need a miserable coot to keep everyone in check.

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