New Friday 13th movie will not use found footage set-up

It’s been six years since the last entry into the Friday 13th franchise, but we’ve an update to bring you on Jason Voorhees’ next outing, which will apparently not be using a found footage set-up.

When it was announced last year that Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes would be kick-starting the series with a new film, it had been suggested that found footage would be the way to go, but according to producer Brad Fuller, this is not the case…

Fuller told Esquire (opens in new tab) that while he wasn’t sure whether the film would tie into the 2009 remake, he could confirm that it would categorically not be made in a found footage style.

The producer went on to reveal that the plan is to begin filming this summer, “while the weather is still nice and it’s easy to take over a camp for cinematic slaughtering purposes,” and said that “two or three different [writers]” would be hired in the coming weeks.

Perhaps most important, however, is his assertion that the new film will spent the appropriate amount of time and effort on making sure the kill scenes are as spectacular as possible.

“You can’t do a great kill quickly,” says Fuller. “It takes time and the blood levels. You know, every time there’s a drop of blood, you have to change their wardrobe and shower people off. You can’t rush that to get it right.”

The new film is expected to arrive in US cinemas on 13 May 2016, with a UK date to be confirmed.

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