New Foo Fighters tracks join GHIII line-up

Two new song packs for Guitar Hero III have just hit Xbox LIVE Marketplace and the PlayStation Network, costing 500 Microsoft points and $6.25 respectively.

The first of the two packs contains three tracks fromUS rockers Foo Fighters, andincludes their latest single %26ldquo;Pretender%26rdquo; while the other, also containing three tracks, comes from rock super group Velvet Revolver.

All the new tracks were created from the master recordings, and give those of you who are, somehow, already bored with the71 tracks the main game has to offer, the chance to flex your fingers to six new songs.

Foo Fighters fans can sample the delights of the Foo%26rsquo;s pack by hitting play below, while Velvet Revolver groupies shouldclick here to get their musical fix.

The new tracks are as follows:

Foo Fighters pack:
The Pretender
This Is a Call
All My Life

Velvet Revolver pack:
She Builds Quick Machines