New Final Fantasy XIII-2 screens are for moogle lovers

Moogles are magical. Moogles makes everything better. Final Fantasy XIII-2 has moogles. Ipso facto, these new screens provethat FFXIII-2 will be better and more magical than its predecessor. As we saw inour earlier look at FFXIII-2, a charming moogle named Mogjoins Serah and her party to lend a hand in their quest.But what does Mogdo, you ask? Lots of things!

Above: Throw him at hard-to-reach treasure chests

Above:Kupo, indeed

Above: Mog transforms into Serah's crossbow/sword

Above: Mog can also find hidden items and acts as a guide

Above: "Girl, that was the last game! Don't even think about trying to sell me for a premium"

Above: 3:30 is officially moogle magic time

Aug 12, 2011