New Evil Genius 2 gameplay reveals old faces and new features

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New gameplay revealed for the highly anticipated sequel Evil Genius 2 has revealed that the game will boast a heap of new features while bringing back some familiar faces. 

First off, the cover operation feature allows players to start their plan by creating convincing fronts for their dastardly deeds, tricking the typically oblivious tourists and agents of justice alike into thinking that there's nothing to see here. 

Meanwhile, the "Do it now!" command allows you to use your resources more efficiently and get stuff done just the way you want. This new feature gives you the ability to get your minions to drop everything to focus on one particular task that you want to get done, creating the opportunity to get your evil priorities in order in a white gloves style of management. 

Minions aren't just regular old cogs in the machine, however. The gameplay video also revealed the addition of minion traits, which add a little personality to your squad of helpers. Evil Genius 2 gives every single minion a unique personality, giving the player hints as to what job they might be the best at. 

The new gameplay also reveals that a number of old fan favorite characters will be returning for the sequel, having appropriately aged in the 16 years since the game's predecessor. This includes the likes of Eli Barracuda Junior, the son of the original Evil Genius henchman known for his ranged attacks. Also making his return is a much older Jubei, the starting henchman for Maximillian. 

Finally, another new feature being showcased is the upgrade of the doomsday devices. In the previous Evil Genius game, players had little access to these powerful weapons. Evil Genius 2 takes a much more hands-on approach, allowing players to quite literally build their doomsday devices from the ground up over the course of the game. The goal is to make the ultimate doomsday device, and what evil genius doesn't want to do that?

Evil Genius 2 is slated for the first half of 2021, and fans of the first game are sure to have a whale of a time testing out all the new gameplay features and seeing how their favorite characters have aged.

To catch up on all the evil action, watch the original trailer for Evil Genius 2.

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