New Dredd images arrive

A new batch of images have arrived online from 2000AD to promote new comic-book adaptation, Dredd , and from the looks of them, Karl Urban is going to make one badass Judge.

Set in the dystopian conurbation of Mega City One, the last outpost of civilization on Cursed Earth, Dredd follows the exploits of Judge Dredd, a notorious Street Judge afforded the power to arrest, try and execute offenders on the spot.

As you can see from the new images, Karl Urban has got the Judge’s lantern-jawed scowl down to a tee, and already looks a far better representation of the character than Sly Stallone ever did.

Director Pete Travis has also promised that Urban won’t be removing his helmet at any point in proceedings, a detail that hamstrung Stallone in his attempts to capture the character’s badass nature.

With a script from 28 Days Later scribe Alex Garland, and Urban being supported by co-stars Olivia Thirlby and Lena Headey, we’ve got high hopes that this could be the project that finally gives the Judge the big-screen outing he deserves. He is the law, after all.

George Wales

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