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The new Dragon Quest looks an awful lot like Minecraft

Lots of games have been 'taking influence' from Minecraft recently - including No Man's Sky and even Fallout 4 - but the new Dragon Quest: Builders looks like it's just recreating the Swedish crafter with added Slimes. Announced as a 'Block make RPG' according to a translation of Builders will see you rebuilding a destroyed world with blocks. Blocks that look a bit like Mojang should be making a phone call.

Have a look at the image from the official site below, complete with cubed logo and some stacks of familiar looking blocks. Worth noting is that original Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii's Armor Project is listed as a developer alongside Bird Studio. Given that original Dragon Quest character designer Akira Toriyama heads up Bird Studio it definitely hints that this is no mere spin off. The game will be released in Japan later this year on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

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