New Doctor Who game setting down on iOS systems

Travelling Time Lords will bethrilled tolearn that UK developer Tag Games has penned a deal with BBC Worldwide to produce a new Dr.Who game for the iPhone and iPad.

Taking its cue from the current version of the long-running Dr.Who franchise, the game will follow the 11th Doctor and his travel-buddy, Amy Pond, on a whirlwind adventure through space and time. Or so we assume; the details are fairly scarce.

According to a spokesman for BBC Worldwide, "Doctor Who is the UK's number one science fiction property, and I think it is in the BBC's top three for worldwide sales, so it is great to bring it to Dundee — especially in light of what happened at Realtime Worlds and the effect it had on Dundee.”

Saving the human race and revitalizing Scotland's video game industry? Oh, Doctor - is there anything you can't do?

Doctor Who is scheduled to materialize in Apple's App Store early this December.

Nov 29, 2010

[Source: The Courier, UK]

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